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Property maintenance is the strategy and tasks involved in keeping your rental properties in good condition. There are routine property maintenance tasks, such as ensuring fire detectors are in working order, pool services (if applicable), ensuring lighting is functional, and so on. There are also larger, less frequent maintenance projects such as roofing, parking lot or walkway paving, etc.

Property management and maintenance services may seem like the same thing, even though they’re both essential for preserving and enhancing your property’s income and value, they are very different. Asset Hero Property Management manages with property maintenance services using activities that are involved in the upkeep of your property which includes all the tasks included in property operations, such as collecting rent, property marketing, accounting, and handling leases. While managing properties requires more than maintaining them, no property owner or manager wants to simply leave such a critical aspect of building management to chance. Here are the various aspects of building maintenance services that Asset Hero practices to handle most efficiently.

Why Are Property Maintenance Services So Important?

The reason maintenance is so important is to avoid the unexpected maintenance issues that can arise if the upkeep is ignored. Asset Hero really can’t overstate the importance of property maintenance services. Other potential and more common hazards include injuries from falling building materials, fires, or poorly kept walkways. No property manager or owner wants to face claims of negligence in court, deal with rising insurance premiums, or experience a bad reputation and negative reviews.
To avoid serious problems, Asset Hero considers maintenance one of the most important parts of their job. Besides reducing the risk of property injuries for realtors, our employees, and our tenants, we need to have a good property building maintenance system in place for plenty of other reasons too. Consider just a few examples:

  • Increased property value: A maintained property will hold value or increase in value. The lack of repairs will detract from the property’s market value and rental prices.
  • Satisfied tenants: Poor maintenance of buildings, property, and appliances will generate dissatisfied tenants and may break the terms of your own lease.
  • Reduced costs: An efficient property management program can help save money by minimizing risks, extending the life of appliances and equipment, satisfying tenants, and decreasing manual effort.
  • Less work: Property managers have plenty of work to do. By having a building maintenance system in place, you can reduce the time you spend contacting tenants and owners, tracking work orders, manually entering data in other software, paying invoices, and dealing with emergencies.

Asset Hero keeps your property maintained to maximize its value. In turn, this can give us a chance to maximize rental prices and even be more selective about tenants. When we satisfy tenants, you should also enjoy lower turnover and lower the risk of charges that have broken your end of the lease agreement through negligence.

Asset Hero maintains a good building maintenance program that will help improve profits, preserve a good reputation, save time, and reduce hassles. It’s critical to invest in property maintenance services.

Superior Property Maintenance Services include:

  • A property management preventative maintenance checklist: Kyle Dwyer, Broker of Asset Hero Property Management insists on using a checklist of routine maintenance, that is performed on a monthly, seasonal, and yearly basis. A simple example could include having the HVAC system serviced twice a year or making sure the roof has been cleared of debris before winter. Scheduled maintenance can prolong the useful life of valuable assets and minimize the chance of expensive, urgent repairs.
  • On-call maintenance services: Obviously, tenants will call in with problems that occur within their own units or common areas. Asset Hero property managers also notice maintenance problems that needs to be address immediately. They need a way to communicate, handle, and track maintenance issues to keep the property safe and renters satisfied.

Great building maintenance will provide lots of benefits. By offering both tenants and owners the benefits of outstanding maintenance, Asset Hero property managers can personally benefit by increasing productivity and value to the relationship with renters.

Still, achieving these benefits requires an ability to communicate with tenants and owners, manage work orders, budget for work and supplies. This is effective property management, but it also requires the main activities to get handled which assures proper property maintenance.

Respond to Requests from Tenants

Tenants may call in at any time with maintenance requests that may range from routine to urgent. Some examples could include anything from routine requests to change light bulbs to urgent problems with leaky or clogged plumbing. You might field requests by phone or email, and obviously, some of these requests will occur after typical working hours. Asset Hero automates this process as much as possible by using a maintenance management system which allows tenants to be satisfied by providing a convenient way to communicate. Tenants need assurance that somebody is getting the message and addressing their issue.

Property Meld is the app of choice for Asset Hero Property Management. This app allows tenants to submit requests and even track their status online. We have discovered that customers prefer to serve themselves by using automated self-serve options. Dealing with maintenance problems is easier when the property manager, owners, maintenance vendors and tenants are notified and kept in the loop of all maintenance issues.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

Asset Hero property managers schedule certain maintenance tasks. Some examples may include routine maintenance like cleaning leaves off the roof in the fall or making sure HVAC filters are changed every few months. To maintain the property, keep expensive systems running, ensure nothing falls through the cracks, and reduce risks, Asset Hero utilizes another app which is used for periodic property inspections to make sure these periodic tasks have been completed on schedule.

Without maintenance tracking software, the property manager must spend time following up and, in some cases, a constant communication with tenants and owners that is difficult to coordinate with busy schedules. Luckily, these same apps that manage requests from tenants also have calendar features that allow property managers to schedule tasks with a calendar. This kind of building maintenance scheduling software will make sure that important deadlines don’t fall through the cracks. They can even automatically send messages and reminders to all interested parties.

Track and Handle Expenses

Of course, property managers also must make sure contractors get paid and expenses get tracked. Without integrated maintenance software programs, the property manager may have to handle all these tasks manually. This kind of manual effort always wastes time and allows for errors. Asset Hero uses a building maintenance software that integrates with our accounting programs and other software. There’s no reason to have to manually take information from the property management app and enter it by hand in other software. Automation and integration are key to offer the best property management services possible.

Managing Building Maintenance is Only One Part of the Job

Asset Hero’s experienced property managers know how much work handling property management property requires. Once you realize all the tasks involved in property management, you will also see that offering property maintenance service is only one task out of many. Besides maintenance, Asset Hero property managers are also responsible for collecting rent, screening tenants, marketing, setting budgets, managing leases, coordinating activities, and much more.

Asset Hero Property Management uses cutting edge technology to provide excellent property maintenance. An investment in the right tools saves money and generates higher profits. It’s a win-win for the owners, property managers, vendors and tenants by reducing the workload and any chance of errors or overlooked maintenance issues. When work is done more efficiently, everybody involved benefits.


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