REALTOR® Referral Program

Do you sell to investors? Do you have a property that just won’t sell and now your clients want you to manage it? Our REALTOR® Referral Program pays for qualified property management referrals!

Let TNT Properties Real Estate do the work for you!

Maybe you have a listing or know a property owner who can’t afford to have a home vacant for a longer period of time. Refer them to us to manage the property while you work on selling it.

  • We manage your clients’ valued investment properties and protect them for future sale.
  • We provide all maintenance, inspection, tenant screening, bookkeeping and rent collection services.
  • We alleviate the headaches caused by trying to do everything yourself.
  • We can help you make more money with far less hassle!

Our full-time customer service staff strives to make sure your clients are always satisfied. Our maintenance vendors provide affordable upkeep services to protect the client’s investment from falling into disrepair.

Your client will always receive the best property management services available, allowing you to get back to what you do best — selling real estate!

  • Our REALTOR® Referral Program pays up to $250 per door for qualified property management.
  • You can refer prospects, callers or existing accounts — we’ll handle the rest!
  • You can refer non-performing sales.
  • We protect your referrals by referring any future sales back to you.

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