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How to Perform a Property Inspection for Your Bryan-College Station Rental Investment

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Property owners need to know the difference between a professional real estate inspection and a property management inspection. A real estate inspection is a limited, non-invasive examination of the condition of a property. It’s usually performed by a licensed professional. A property management inspection is a routine evaluation of your investment to ensure a property is being well-maintained by your tenants. It also checks for any other required property code enhancements.

Property Management College Station: Proper Inspections

Evaluations are incredibly important because this property is likely your most valuable asset. You need to make sure it’s being upheld and cared for the way it should be. You need a property manager who does inspections the right way. Too many times, I’ve seen property managers running through a property and taking a few pictures, and then saying that all looks good at the property. When one manager is responsible for over a hundred properties, they have no choice but to be quick and give the thumbs up before they move onto the next evaluation.

As an investor myself, that fast and careless process doesn’t sit well. I need to know my property manager is inspecting the property in a high quality manner. Find a property manager who cares about your property and limits the number of properties that are managed. This will ensure that property evaluations are being done correctly and accurately.

Rental Checklist for Property Evaluations

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Reports should be time stamped. Multiple pictures must be taken, and comments should be made about any violations that are found. Note any safety issues, and look for property code violations like smoke alarms and privacy locks. If a property is well-maintained, pictures should show that condition. The inspection report should be detailed enough to make you, the owner, feel like you are there in person.

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