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How to Market Your College Station Rental Property When Competition is High

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Let’s say you have a rental property, and you’re trying to get it leased, but you’re just not getting any interest. There may be a lot of other properties in the area, and competition is high. There are ongoing capital improvements at A&M University, and the nonstop construction of new apartment complexes that have thousands of beds. How do you compete with that? It can be frustrating. There are two key points to remember when it comes to marketing your rental property: when you market, and how you market. We’re talking about that today.

Property Management College Station: When to Market your Investment Property

Understanding the right time to market and advertise your property is the first step in ensuring you get the best price and the best tenant. The time of year matters. It will outline what you can get for your rental prices. So, when should you do your best marketing? Well, it depends on the property location and type. It’s crucial to market at the precise time that it needs to be marketed. Do your research and find out when people are most likely to rent your type of property.

Property Management College Station: Marketing your Investment Property

There’s more to marketing your property than just sticking a sign in the yard. It takes a simultaneous effort with social media and online rental platforms. You should be using Google +, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads, and There are so many more. Be on as many of those sites as you can. Then, make sure you’re active in the community. The best way to network is by joining the Bryan-College Station Association of Realtors. By doing that, you can put your property on the MLS, and you’ll be part of the real estate community. That is important because you get access to a lot of potential tenants waiting to lease your property.

Another way to market successfully is by finding out what’s unique about your investment. Make sure you advertise that with your online efforts and your community contacts.

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Remember that it’s all about how you market your property and when. Those two things are the ideal formula to leasing your property.

If you have any questions about marketing and rental management or you’re interested in learning more about Bryan/College Station property management, please contact us at Asset Hero Property Management. We’d love to tell you more.





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